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The screen mates here are very varied. Some are funny or cute. All are entertaining and fun!

What a screen mate does is play around on your desktop and entertain you while you work. Most are cartoon animations of people or animals doing some very amusing things. You will be surprised how much entertainment and animated animal can be! They move around your screen in a similar way to some screen savers, but you can still use your computer while they do.

Screenmates really are clever gadgets! The best ones are fully interactive, reacting when you click them in various places. Others respond to music or sound. They are virtual pets and friends, as well as desktop toys for your amusement.

Seasonal Screen Mates: Vary your desktop throughout the year using different screen mates! There are screenmates for Christmas, Easter, thanksgiving and other special times.

Screen Mates As Gifts: Why not give a friend a screenmate to cheer them up on their birthday? Download one and give it away as a free gift! Your friends will love their new toy, and while it downloads, you can sample some other entertainments, like reading some funny stuff.

Thousands of people have Screenmate animation on their desktops. Many have clever Screenmates on their desk top computers that make sounds as the character plays and reacts to mouse clicks. Join the screen mate revolution today - choose a category from those on the right.

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